Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021

Gifted my Community of committed listeners this Calendar last year as a thank you gift for being in my life. I’ve always believed in gifting things that will either motivate or be long lasting rather than gifting food that gets’s over in a jiffy, and this Calendar fit both the criteria’s

Unfortunately, because of covid, I won’t be able to give physical calendars as it might be unsafe. Do any of you have any creative ideas on how I can make online calendars instead?

This year i will be sharing new icons of inspirations, who are going to shape the next 20 years , stay tuned!

Vishen Lakhiani #hope2021 #gifting #calender2021 #relationshipbuilding

debeshi_chakraborty_01 calendar dz gary vee
debeshi_chakraborty_01 calandar dz 2020 vishen lakhiani
debeshi_chakraborty_01- 2021 steve jobs

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