Pitch2win Blogs #001

5 Tips to make your pitch close the deal.


Start on a personal note:

People might say to keep your personal and professional life separate. Little do they know about how to add a tinge of your personal life into professional life and blend it accordingly at the same time.

Adding a personal touch to your pitch will set you apart from other freelancers, as a prospect might receive tons of pitches daily. Make your pitch strategic. Before reaching out to the prospect do some research on them and their business, check if you can get a connection established with them beforehand. 

Go through their social media handles and gather as much intel as possible. Like, Comment and provide valuable feedback on their posts, use this opportunity to personalise your pitch. This way your email won’t get lost or forgotten about.

Spotlight on your Client’s needs:

Many freelancers make the mistake of sending their pitches that focus only on their service & strengths. Although it’s important to prove to your clients that you are capable and experienced, it’s important that you also address their pain points and how you can help them tackle their problems. So for every client make a customised tailor-made pitch.

Bonus Tip (emoji): Try to include them as much as possible in the conversation. In this way, they would feel confident in you and the services that you’re offering


Show your Work Samples & Pitch your Portfolio:

Assurity would be needed by your prospects that they are investing in the right person. So, pitching in your work samples sounds like a no brainer. Along with your work samples don’t forget to pitch in your portfolio and testimonials of past clients.

Your prospects would eventually ask you to show references, so it’s also a time saver and speeds up the hiring process.

People want to know that you have experience and provide high-quality work and instead of just praising yourself, you can really prove it by including 1-2 sentence testimonials and case study summaries from past clients. This will help you build credibility and establish trust between you and your prospect. 

Pitch in your Unique Selling Point (USP), why you?

When you initially begin with freelancing a question might arise in the back of your mind, why would anyone choose me? There are thousands of freelancers out there who are offering the same services as you. So what sets you apart?

The thing that sets you apart is your USP, it can be your writing style if you’re a content writer, your creativity if you’re a graphic designer. You need to find and pitch these attributes to your prospects in order to establish yourself as a freelancer.

By introducing your USP’s in your pitch you can attract and close the right prospects you would need as a freelancer.

Pitch Template:


My name is (XYZ), I’m a content writer, I went through your website and I found you were looking for a freelance content writer for the same.Your website looked very professional to me, although I can be of help and make improvements in the content that will eventually help your website stand out.I have been working as a freelancer for the past (x) years and I have handled clients related to your niche before. Hereby, I am attaching my portfolio along with client testimonials.



Pitching is a skill that anyone can develop but it’s crucial to have if you freelance and want to be in business for a long time. It may seem competitive to pitch clients but you’ll want to focus on little things you can do to make your freelance pitch stand out from the rest.


Keep the strategies in mind when you’re sending your next pitch so you can find out what works best for you and win a new client.


We hope this helps you and makes you understand the importance of pitching in freelancing.


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