Grow2give Calendar 2021


I pledge to change the Bedtime stories for the young ones

If you have a kid or a teenager at home, introduce them to these six changemakers covered in the calendar and their excellent stories. They will find it relatable and the next time they pick up their phones, give them a choice. This is my discovery as a parent who believes in Grow2give and I hope it helps you too.

I have attended 3 months course on leadership & communication skills at Dezinecareers which has changed my perception. The faculty correct the mistakes right on spot. Infographic resume was the highlight of my course. Also I must say Debeshi is a life skills coach who helps others find success in their personal and professional lives. My best wishes are always with Debeshi& her team.

Deputy General Manager at Indo Asia Tours - a boutique destination management company of India

I know Debeshi for past six months. I have met her to hone my communication skills to shape up my leadership journey. Debeshi strongly believes that any individual always has the answers to their problems. She has inspired to unlock my leadership potentials by identifying the blindspots. Today Debeshi has equipped me with all necessary tools for becoming a great communicator. I wish Debeshi a super success in her journey of becoming a leadership coach.

D. Ahmed Meeran
Associate Director -Regulatory Affairs at MSD India

Debeshi is extremely passionate and committed about her work. A great coach and trainer! What stands out about her leadership, is her amazing listening skills and ability to have deep conversations evoking different emotions which is truly remarkable! Her perseverance and zeal for perfection pushes her and others to bring out their best.

Pavitra Singh
PepsiCo India - CHRO I People Leader I Gen Z Mom

Your sophisticated grasp on the presentation skills was of great help for us. The content of the session have added value to our working way. The approach in managing the sessions, creativity with the outputs have been a blue ribbon. More sessions like this are productive and would want to have in the future as well.

Great Work Debeshi and Team!!

Shaz Ahmad
National Program Manager at Channelplay Limited.

Debeshi is the most inspirational, motivational, positive attitude and effective communicator I have ever met in my life. She challenges herself every day and sky is the limit for her. I find myself fortunate to work under her guidance and support.I highly recommend her for her communication skills

Subrat Bastia
Manager at Royal Enfield

I have known Debeshi for some time. She is expert in developing Managers in Org Savvy communication skills and building an effective executive presence. She is very methodical and offers very customized self-development programs for personality development for mid to senior level managers. Wish her all the best to take her journey to much higher level and scale to benefit many professionals with her outstanding commitment and ownership.

Sanjoy Shaw
HR Director - South Asia I People Leader V Business Partner I Change Champion I Mentor

I have done a training program with Debeshi which covered Verbal and Non- Verbal Communication, Body Language, and the Art of Listening and Acknowledging. In the program, I felt the connection between the body, mind and soul, and learnt techniques on how to bring that connection alive powerfully in communication in a one on one as well as group settings.She customizes the program as per requirements and is a great coach.

Vineet Sharma
Director- Juices (Tropicana/ Slice) at PepsiCo

Debeshi is a great coach and a wonderful human being who is highly motivated, full of energy, perfect mentor, caring … and she is helping others to realize their full potential. Highly recommended

Shailendra Verma
Chief Manager at NLDC, New Delhi

Debeshi, you are good listener possessing a great leadership development quality with a positive attitude, full of energy, focused in developing future leaders not only with effective communication also unleashing one’s potentials / hidden talent to overcome the obstacles & challenges being a face in one’s career, not only giving the confidence but also infusing the tools of imagination & creativity to outstand the masses.

Manish Soin
Head Export Control and Customs- Siemens

Debeshi was shortlisted by me for Channelplay’s Presentation Skills Training. We found in our first interaction that she has comprehended the requirements of training and agreed to have a F2F interaction with the participants to judge the level of intervention and to plan the content. She has a magnetic personality and connected quickly with the participants. Post training, she created a troubleshooting group and resolved the queries of the participants’ even weeks after the training was over. Her fan club grew and Channelplay had a second session with another batch of different vertical. The feedback from the second batch was also positive and similar. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and hope to have many more collaborations.

Rajesh Kataria
Head HR & Administration at Channelplay

Debeshi is a great communication trainer. She has superb subject matter knowledge and expertise. She very well understands the requirement and finds the areas which needs improvement and work on the same. Overall structure of training program is also very good and she focuses on more and more practice instead of theories. Highly recommended.

Private Equity I Assistant Director - Moody’s Analytics I Blogger

Debeshi is an extremely hardworking, action oriented leader. She is ongoingly involved in finding ways to speed up the process. I have always found her to be a generous, excited, “Can do” person…

I wish her all the best as she expands her vision to impact vast sets of youngsters as they go about taking steps to be value addition for themselves and for our nation.

Ashish Vidyarthi
National award Winning Actor I Co-Founder Ashish Vidyarthi& Associates-Avid Miner

I only give reviews and recommendation when something has influenced me a lot or changed me for something. Recently I joined public speaking & presentation course at Dezinecareers and Ms. Debeshi was my teacher and mentor there. This course has given me a lot as in how to speak in public, how to engage the crowd, how to win the situation, meetings …etc. but the most of the credit goes

Ms. Debeshi the way she has taught us the course had added a lot value to our personalities, now I feel very confident giving a presentation in public. If you are reading this and if you need a mentor or teacher to work on your personality then you should meet.


Rameshwar Thakur
Sales Director - Moca Technology