New Normal Interviews

New normal Interviews

With #covid19 the questions asked during job #interview has also changed.

Students have come back to me seeking coaching as they have been asked new questions!

These are not based on their #IQ but these are the ones which test their #AQ adversity quotient, acumen for adaptability.
However one question that is trending is ….

What did you #learn during this lockdown period?
While I was helping them with this question I discovered Vaibhav Sisinty and his mini-workshop which would wrap up in 5 days.

Not only I learnt about the content of the workshop and by virtue of which I am sharing and connecting with people over LinkedIn after 2 years of gap; but I learn how innovative one can be in delivering their presentation/lessons to a big (1000+) group.

Something you should know about Vaibhav Sisinty is, he is a millennial with high level of authenticity that’s rare and infectious.

He has created his own brand while doing his full time job!

To sum up, I got that Covid-or non-covid, ever learners have always been there and generously giving to others their learning.
What did you learn during this period?

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