Reflection of a Career Coach



Had a great session with young aspiring adults of Project Arambha yesterday, and I had to share something the session that really was an eye opener for me: Our Assumption is our biggest blindspot while connecting with people!

Usually I tell the people who attend my webinar to come online from two devices. One for viewing and one for doing the tasks simultaneously.

To my surprise, a few of the girls who were a little under privileged told me that they both were sharing one device and were looking at me with their eyes, filled with curiosity to learn. At that moment I felt embarrassed for assuming that everyone would have two devices.

Looking at how excited and ready to earn they were, made me realise that from next time I would come up with some better solution for this situation.

On asking them, what they wanted to be when they grew up, they all (roughly 16-17 yrs old) were ready with their answers which varied from economists to photographers.

The cofounders ( Haneen Farid & Disha Panda )themselves are 17 and are having a career development initiative for other girls, and it makes me so happy to see that.

My #GrowToGive thought process aligned absolutely perfectly with them & it was all in all a very wholesome experience for me.

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